Expats online coaching and Expats training

I am glad to have conceived an online training & coaching to support you settling down in a new Country and coming to terms with cultural differences at work and in every day life!

Try it out! 



The target of this online training is to offer the support and cultural background information Expats & Expats Partners need, when they decide to move abroad. This support aims at:

  1. Going deep into one´s motivation, expectations, fears, worries and dreams by taking the challenge of moving abroad.
  2. Delivering useful information in an uncomplicated language about the concept of culture, as well as self-reflection about the culture of origin.
  3. Dealing with culture shock and intercultural conflicts, the so-called critical incidents.
  4. Reflecting about how to organize ad create the new life at its best.

The Expats training program, also for Expats partners abroad

The online training program is divided into three different but consecutive sections.


I. Moving abroad, unstressed!

II. Settling in, happily!

III. Creating your new life, successfully!


Section I and II are common for Expats & Expat Partners.

Section III is especially designed for the Expat Partners.


However, every chapter can be carried out separately, since each of them builds up a unit on its own.


This means that you can choose to take part in the wohle coaching program, or to take part only in the one that interests you at the most, and that better responds to your demands.


I. Moving abroad, unstressed!

The fist section deals with the personal and cultural preparation needed before moving abroad, and when you have just arrived in the new Country.


Besides reviewing your motivation and personal targets, you will learn about the concept of culture and cultural differences.


You do not only move to a differnt place and to a different job.


You also move to a different culture!


Get prepared and go smoothly through your big change.


I am glad to help and give you all my personal knowlegde and past experience as an Expat!


photo by Tom Barrett
photo by Tom Barrett

II. Settling in, happily!

The second section handles with your start in the new job and in the new home.


You get prepared to face

  • culture shock
  • intercultural conflicts, the so-called critical incidents


 Settle in happily in your new home and your new Country with my professional help!


Based on self-experience!


photo by Kirill
photo by Kirill

III. Creating your new life, successfully!

The third section is a coaching - based support for Expat partners by the creation of their new life abroad.


The focus is on re-organizating the new working, social and familiar life in a foreign Country.


Questions we will aswer together:


* How do I want to re-organize my working life?

* Which are my possibilities?

* Where do I see my strenghts??

* Which are your dreams?


Make your new life happy and meaningful!


I will support you with my successful coaching methods and with all of my own experience!


photo by Joanna Korsinska
photo by Joanna Korsinska

Target Groups

 # Expats

Expats are „expatriates “, people who decide to move and work abroad for working, personal, cultural or career reasons.


# Expat Partners

Expat Partners are the partners of the expatriates who decide to accompany their partners, spouses, husbands etc. along this new experience. Partners are very often facing the challenge to get started again in a foreign Country where they are not familiar with the relevant culture, the spoken language and the unspoken rules of life. This often causes unhappiness and frustration that can reflect in the couple relationship and in the working situation of the expats.


“The question about the needs of the partner or of the children still has for around one third of the companies subordinate priority, even though this is the most frequent reason for failing the assignment abroad (in German companies even up to 80%)". Source: 2019, IWW Institut für Wissen in der Wirtschaft.


Sometimes not only the assignment abroad breaks up prematurely, but also the marriage or the relationship.

Sad enough as it might be.


Work successfully at all levels with my online training!


I will support you along your personal, professional, cultural and social development and change!



"Create the best version of yourself!"



How does the online programm work?

The 1st call of 30 minutes is always free of charge!!!


If you are interested in the expat online training, please send a first e-mail to info@weltweit-coaching.com.

After that, you will be contacted to arrange the first call free of charge and all further details can be discussed directly.


Every section consists of 4 to 5 units in an alternance of online coaching, information material to read and learn on one´s own, as well as homework. The homework is in form of questionnaires and exercises to guide and help the participants reflecting on their own culture, personal and past experience, future plans etc.


The detailed program of each unit is delivered after confirming the participation to the coaching program.

How long does the online training last?

Every section generally lasts 4 to 6 weeks depending on the frequency of the calls.

My suggestion is to hold a call every 2 weeks.

However, these will be adjusted to the individual needs and requests of every participant.

Why working with me?

Besides being a professional intercultural trainer & coach, I was myself an Expat at a time I did not know about the existence of such supporting coaching and training programs. Therefore, I can fully draw from my own personal experience and information.


I still recall the hard time, the frustration and sometimes the sadness of the first period away from Italy.

For example, the way colleagues go along with each other in Germany is very different to the one I knew from Italy. Everybody was polite with me, but very distant and reserved. This hurt me a lot, made me shy and sad because I had the feeling, nobody was interested in getting to know me. In Italy I was used to more friendly and easy-going relationships, also among colleagues.

I did not know at the time, that Germans usually separate working and private life quite strictly and that colleagues do not necessarily become friends.


I am sure,  had I received the adequate support, I would have settled in much easier and quicker, I would have avoided a lot of discontent and I could have saved some relationships that ended because of misunderstandings, frustration and dissatisfaction.